Oracle and calendar of the maya are made up of two separate systems: Tzolkin, the birth oracle and Haab, the lifeoracle
The Tzolkin oracle is based on the 260 day ritual calender of the maya, which consists of thirdteen so- called Uinals 20 days. The days` names (Imix, Ik, Akbal...) find their counterparts in the mayas` pantheon. Every day represents the manifestation of supernatural powers. The Tzolkin oracle as a birth oracle shows the days` goddness with its associted spheres and Naguals (spiritual animals), describing the born persons` position in the mythological world order, its charakters` prepositions, life challenges, potentials and risks. The Haab oracle owes its name to the 365 day suncalendar. it is divided into eightteen uinals with 20 days each, followed by the five day base-month uyaheb, which was often a period of misfortune. Associated to the Haab is the nine day round of the lords of the night, which can be compared to our weekdays. The Haab oracle provides answers to practical question around the planning of important happenings in the private and public life of the maya.

Both calendars are combined to create the so-called Long Count, which is a period of no less than 18980 days or 52 years. Each Long Count is named after the Tzolkin date in its beginning.
So, a maya date is made up of the following components:

1. The Long Count
2. The Haab-Uinal
3. The Haab day
4. The lord of the night
5. The Tzolkin Uinal
6. The Tzolkin date

The oracle function lets you convert every date from gregorian to maya calendar.